Wrought Iron Fencing Types

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing is a popular option among property owners around the world. It’s widely admired for its simple but classic beauty. Fences made out of iron have ‘grain like’ features that give them a similar appearance to wood. However, unlike wood, wrought iron fencing is tougher, harder and more durable. It is also resistant to fire.

Wrought iron is malleable. This makes it easy for fence designers to create different shapes and designs. For the most parts, wrought iron fencing is commonly used around the exterior of the home and pool fences. For added style, some homes may choose to design their external furniture out of wrought iron as well.

A popular view shared by most people is the fact that wrought iron fencing doesn’t offer much in way of privacy and security. This isn’t exactly true. Although it is true that the gaps in most wrought iron fencing offers anything but the best options in privacy, wrought Iron fencing is quite secure. In fact, it’s widely considered to be one of the more secure options available. Because of its height and sharp points, it’s more difficult for people to jump over a high fence. Its lean design makes climbing it just as difficult.

For the most parts, the security of a wrought iron fence is affected by the type of installation. To get the right fit for their property, home owners will need to take factors such as the distance of the fence from their home and the material from which it is made into consideration. Depending on where the fence is to be installed, homeowners may be required to secure a building permit from the local zone inspector. Most building regulations insist that the foundations of a wrought iron fence be strong enough to prevent it from accidentally falling over.

Types of Wrought Iron Fencing

Beyond the choice of materials, homeowner will also need to choose their preferred design based on their needs. Home owners can consider different types of wrought iron fencing options depending on how the intend on using the fence. Some of the more popular types include:

  • Arche: An arche gate is a popular element of wrought iron fencing. Unlike other gates, an arche gate does not contain embellished designs or decorations. However, its plain exterior provides the perfect backdrop or support for richly decorated fencing and doors.
  • Arrow Fence: The wrought iron arrow fence has a simple by stylish design. One of its key strengths is that it can be adapted to almost any gate style. The Arrow fence has pickets about 5.5 feet tall which are spaced at a distance of about 6in.
  • Essex: The Essex wrought iron fence has a more traditional and classic style. Its name originates from the fact that it used to be a common fencing option for palaces in Europe many centuries ago. Essex wrought iron fences are characterized by their distinct patter of scrolls which run along the top part of the fence. They are also fitted with spear shaped finials. Essex wrought iron fences are a good choice for people who want a classic look for their home.
  • Standard Concord Fence: The standard concord fence has similar rounded ornament as the Essex fence. However, where the Essex has embellished finials, the concord has simpler designs. The Concord also lacks the scroll and stylized patter found with Essex fences. This is instead replaced by rings (each of which is separated by a spire).
  • Concord Deluxe: Like the name suggests, the concord deluxe is a variation of the classic concord design. Instead of long spires, the concord deluxe is interlaced with long and shorter spires. Each of the shorter spires (also known as a dog picket) is positioned between a longer spires as well as being directly beneath a ring. The dog picket maintains the same spacing distance as spires (6 in).
  • Pool fence: It is easy to mistake a pool fence for a concord fence based on the similarity of their features—particularly the consecutive rings. However a pool fence is slightly smaller and does not have any ornaments above the rings. In addition to this, the pool sense is fitted a smooth rail at the top of regularly spaced pickets.

Most wrought iron fencing designs are fitted with spires. Spires are vertical pieces of wrought iron that are used to form the post of the fence. The spires can be as tall as 5 feet and are typically spaced 6 inches apart. It is recommended that people get a professional to assist with the installation of their fence.

Regardless of the type of fencing installed in a home, wrought iron fences can last for many decades, often as long as 50 to 70 years. The bars on a wrought iron fence are considered to be essentially unbreakable. They are also resistant to climate changes. To prevent the fences from rusting, special care will need to be paid to its maintenance. This will include cleaning and oiling it regularly as well as applying corrosion proof treatments. Beyond the fencing of a home, wrought iron installers can also assist with the choice and installation of a gate.


The cost of installing a wrought iron fence will be affected by the type of design, the size of the fence and the distance being covered. Still, despite the relatively higher price, the final designs and durability of the fence makes it a worthwhile investment for any property.

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